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"There are many fine published works on the lives and deaths of martyrs and there is no shortage of information on the martyrs of history. However, it is difficult to find one source that decscribes the lives of martyrs in a comprehensive way. Precious in the Eyes of the Lord:Martydom in Christian Tradition presents an account of one hundred martyrs across history. Beginning with the first martyr, Abel in the Old Testament, and concluding with the Acteal martyrs of Mexico in the late twentieth century, the stories of these men and women not only highlight the virtues of charity, fortitude, and patriotism but also reveal the love of God in their hearts." 

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"Who were Catholicism's greatest orators? What was the key to their effectiveness? Was it mere scholastic ability or spiritual inspiration? The answer is "both." In this follow-up work, Father Ray E. Atwood examines the lives, theologies, and preaching examples of the Church's greatest preachers. This book tells the story, in biographical form, of Catholic preaching from the Old Testament through today, concluding with the homilies of Benedict XVI. Master of Preaching takes the reader around the world in search of homiletic gems. Readers will learn about the stories of familiar figures such as Saint Gregory the Great, and less familiar figures such as Monsignor Francis Friedl. Readers will also discover how these men moved their congregations to deeper faith and greater understanding of the mysteries of salvation. Two appendices at the end of the book serve as a terrific resource for those looking for practical illustrations as lectionary themes. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the subjects of public speaking and Church history."

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"The History of Catholic homiletics is rich and layered with theology and spirituality. Every period of Church history contains preachers who have been blessed with oratorical skills and spiritual depth. They are saints, scholars, bishops, priests, and deacons from the Eastern and Western traditions. Masters of Preaching - the first book of its kind - lays the foundations for a deeper understanding of Christian preaching. It is an important contribution to the subjects of history and preaching. This exceptional text sheds light on the lives and sermons of the Church's most talented preachers. Through the lives and works of thirty-one men, the reader will experience fine sermons from the most eloquent homilists. There is much to learn from this important book.

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